John Kei and life lessons
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John Kei and life lessons 

The name John Kei is no stranger to the public, he is known as the mafia and juxtaposed with Hercules who ruled the black world in the capital city of Jakarta.

Now his name reappears after being involved in the alleged murder of his brother named Nus Kei. Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Nana Sudjana said the attack by the John Kei group motivated family problems.

“This motive can be said among family members based on personal problems between John Kei and Nus Kei related to the dissatisfaction of the distribution of money from the sale of land, “Nana said reported from, Monday (22/6).

John Kei felt betrayed by Nus Kei because the sale of land was deemed not in accordance with the initial agreement. Starting with this reason, John Kei also decided to attack the Nus Kei group. This also makes him re-dealing with the police after getting leniency in prison.

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The John Kei group randomly targets the main target of Nus Kei. However, all members of the Nus Kei group were also considered lawful to be attacked.

“So John Kei has subordinates, Nus Kei also has subordinates. This (victim) is considered an Nus Kei group, “Nana explained.

It should be noted that during his time in a super-tight prison in Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java, John Kei’s behavior was also well-known, and he even gave a sermon in worship at the Permisan Nusakambangan church.

That’s how life teaches how humans can only plan while God determines the way. From this case we can learn that people who look good are not necessarily really good, and otherwise. But keep in mind that we as humans must always try to be the best.

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